Jerry Shiveley has a passion for traveling and immersing himself in the diverse cultures that exist around the globe. He relishes the opportunity to explore new places, experience unique cultures, and meet people from different walks of life. Jerry especially loves doing this when the location involves sitting on a warm beach, overlooking the ocean with a cup of coffee in his hand.Jerry-Shiveley

Over the years, Jerry has lived and voyaged extensively throughout the United States. As a child, his family was frequently moving, living in various places around the Pacific Northwest. For a time, he attended school in Portland, where his father owned a grocery store, while his family lived on a farm in the state of Washington.

These experiences living in different cities gave Jerry Shiveley time to appreciate the cultural landscape that has surrounded him throughout his life. His passion for travel continued to grow as he grew older, and he was motivated to see as much of the world as possible. Jerry remained on the move into his adult life, with his career in school administration taking him to  Oregon, Washington, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Jerry also began to travel a great deal internationally. Some of his most memorable travel destinations include Brazil, Aruba, Canada, Mexico, the Czech Republic, Egypt, Curacao, and Venezuela. He enjoys traveling on an international scale because it presents the opportunity to expose oneself to the wide variety of life perspectives, religions, and cultures that exist throughout the world.

Before his retirement, much of Jerry Shiveley’s travel was for work. He attended annual education conferences, which took place all across the United States, and was invited by a doctor of longevity and anti-aging to several medical conferences in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Now that he is retired, Jerry has the opportunity to travel much more — without having to worry about work and a strict schedule. Instead, he can devote his time to trying new restaurants, seeing the local sights, learning about the area, visiting tourist attractions, and simply relaxing. Jerry frequently travels in the company of his wife, Susan. While they do not always have the same tastes in locations — he prefers beaches and she prefers forests — the two are able to compromise and find destinations that work for both of them or take separate trips, when desirable.

Jerry Shiveley believes in economical traveling. He has a fervor for securing the best prices for his trips and vacations.  and truly enjoys the challenge of hunting for new ways to get the most out of his money. For Jerry, traveling at low cost is a game, and he enjoys the thrill and challenge of chasing down extraordinary deals. Over the years, Jerry has accumulated a wealth of knowledge on how to secure the best deals on motels, rental cars, and plane tickets. Since they travel so often, he and Susan have also invested in three timeshares: two Marriott and one Gold Key/Diamond Resorts.

This website will include pictures and photographs from Jerry’s globetrotting exploits, as well as advice on places to go, things to see, and ways to save while planning your dream vacation.