The United States boasts thousands of amazing cities that often go unnoticed due to the sheer popularity of places like New York City and Los Angeles. But, many of the lesser known towns have just as much, if not more charm than America’s greatest urban areas.

Now well into 2018, many cities around the country that may have once been considered dull or stereotyped are being added to travelers’ wish lists. The following are just a few amazing cities that the U.S. has to offer that have not gotten the credit they deserve in the past.

Portland, ME

The Northeast and New England specifically have seen enormous tourism booms in recent months, leading to more people realizing just how pristine of a location Portland, Maine is. While it can get quite cold in the winter, visiting here during the spring and summer months are ideal. The coastal countryside is truly something marvel at, while the downtown area has a plethora of bars and restaurants serving the freshest seafood in the area.

Lancaster, PA

Outsiders may see Lancaster as nothing more than a hub for Amish culture, but few realize there is a bustling city at the heart of it. This city possesses unique, beautiful architecture, which includes cobblestone streets and natural brick buildings. Lancaster has an impressive food scene to match. Restaurants like LUCA and The Pressroom serve some of the finest cocktails around, with LUCA receiving national fame in recent months.

The art scene here is another great aspect of the city. The Fulton Theatre hosts plays regularly with Gallery Row just a few blocks away, showcasing some of the greatest paintings and pieces of art Lancaster has to offer.  

Louisville, KY

A city southern enough to come with its notorious charm and hospitality, Louisville is the bourbon capital of the country with a number of great distilleries to choose from. Another city with a lively restaurant and bar scene, Louisville is a perfect weekend getaway for those looking to enjoy their leisure. If you’re lucky enough to visit during the Kentucky Derby (taking place on May 5th this year), seeing the iconic Churchill Downs is something to certainly make time for.

Philadelphia, PA

There is perhaps no city in the world happier than Philadelphia right now given the Philadelphia Eagles’ first ever Super Bowl win this past month; undoubtedly a reason to visit in itself. The neighborhood of Fishtown has seen a recent boom in culture with plenty of restaurants and bars to choose from. Kensington Quarters specifically sources their food from the freshest farmers and producers in the area, in addition to promoting local agriculture and a push for more sustainable practices.

If you’re looking for somewhere new to plan your next vacation, consider any of the aforementioned cities to experience their booming cultures and growing attractions.