Especially for those living in the Northeast of the United States, winter seems to have overstayed its welcome in 2018. If you are looking for warmer weather right now, or simply a getaway to break up the monotony of your daily schedule, there are a number of great destinations to consider this spring that won’t break the bank.


Exchange rate: 1 Argentine Peso = .049 US Dollars

During this time of year, Buenos Aires in particular becomes a truly scenic city with winding streets lined with trees, comfortable temperatures, and lush plant life found in the capital city’s famous botanical garden. Some flights from New York City start at nearly $800 round-trip, with other cities being a little more expensive. Considering the distance between the States and Argentina, these prices seem like a steal.

Dominican Republic

Exchange rate: 1 Dominican Peso = .020 US Dollars

One may immediately think of all-inclusive resorts when a trip to the Dominican Republic comes to mind, but Airbnb is prevalent in cities like Punta Cana, boasting a number of affordable, yet still luxurious lodging options. Many of these are located on or right next to the beach as well. Round-trip tickets for the DR average just around $200-$300, with transportation in the country being surprisingly inexpensive too.


Exchange rate: 1 Jamaican Dollar = .0079 US Dollars

No matter where in Jamaica you decide to go, the entire island is populated with warm, welcoming people happy to show you around. Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, and Negril are all beautiful coastal cities with huge varieties of things to do. A trip to Dunn’s River Falls in Ocho Rios (a famous waterfall Bob Marley used to frequently visit) is just $20 per person. Meals and drinks all around Jamaica are very low-cost as well.


Exchange rate: 1 Canadian Dollar = .77 US Dollars

Visiting just north of the U.S. this spring is actually cheaper than traveling within the country. Of the hundreds of beautiful cities Canada boasts, Quebec has some of the greatest attractions in the country, most of which not costing more than your average price. Hotels hear are relatively cheap, and while fine dining may not be, poutine runs for just $5 a plate in most restaurants. Sightseeing here is a great, free thing to take part in as well. Historic buildings and cathedrals can be found throughout, making Quebec not only a great place for an inexpensive vacation, but a hotspot for photography enthusiasts as well.