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TripAdvisor’s Best Airlines in the World

The information provided on TripAdvisor can help every traveler plan their next vacation. Everyone already knows to check out the user reviews on local restaurants, hotels, and attractions before visiting a new city, but this website can also help travelers find the perfect airline for their needs. These are five of the best airlines in the world according to user reviews on TripAdvisor.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest is one of the few American-based airlines to earn high remarks from its reviewers. Southwest is the most popular airline in the United States despite only flying to 100 destinations. This is because it provides low-cost flights without sacrificing passenger comfort or service. It is also currently the only airline left in the United States that does not charge for checked baggage.


Emirates is an airline based out of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, as the name suggests. While the company is the largest airline in the Middle East, it still provides service to almost anywhere in the world. Emirates currently offers flights to 161 destinations in more than 80 countries. It is also one of the rare airlines that operates in six different continents. Emirates earns its great reviews based on its amazing first class service.


EVA Air is the smallest company on this list with a fleet of only 76 planes flying to 62 different destinations. The Taiwanese airline makes up for their lack of size by providing an amazing in-air experience. Their cozy seats offer amazing comfort without having to pay an additional rate. They also have an excellent catering service that offers restaurant-quality meals on long flights.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is another airline that services all six inhabited continents. The company earned its spot near the top of this list based on its amazing business class service. Every business class passenger gets their own cabin with a reclining bed and television. These travelers also get to enjoy free wine and champagne throughout the flight.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines earned high acclaim from the TripAdvisor reviewers for the second straight year. The Changi-based airline operates in 62 different cities in Asia, Europe, Australia and the United States. The main draw to Singapore Airlines is their premium service provided to every economy class passenger.

Curing High-Altitude Sickness While Traveling

Traveling in and of itself can cause or expose you to all kinds of health issues. The dry, recirculated air of most airlines can leave you seriously dehydrated or even exposed to any number of germs and viruses. Time zone changes can make it nearly impossible to get adequate sleep as well, which can, in turn, lower your immune system, making it harder to fight off all the additional germs and viruses you may be exposed to.high-altitude-sickness

Another complication that can hit you while traveling is altitude sickness. Many people don’t realize the dramatic impact that traveling at a high-altitude locale can have on your body and your health. Here are three ways to combat altitude sickness when traveling.

  1. Stay hydrated

Dehydration is one of the most critical issues for many travelers, but even more so for those traveling to a high altitude. It is important for your body to maintain a critical balance of fluids and electrolytes (salts). The thinner oxygen at higher altitudes can make it more difficult to do this. It is recommended that when traveling at a high altitude, you drink between 17 to 24 cups (four to six liters) of plain water per day until you become acclimated to the altitude.

  1. Iron supplements

Iron helps red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the entire body. Increasing the iron content in your blood can also help facilitate this process. This is not a quick fix, however, so a few weeks before your trip, you’ll want to start eating a diet high in iron in addition to taking iron mineral supplements. Remember, they are called supplements for a reason, so your primary source of iron should be from food that you can then back up with the iron supplements themselves.

  1. Portable oxygen canisters

At sea level, the air you breathe contains roughly 20.9% oxygen. In Aspen, CO, which is around 8,000 feet above sea level, the oxygen concentration drops to about 15.4% oxygen. The higher you climb, the lower the concentration of oxygen. You can supplement this with canisters of pure 95% concentration of oxygen. Once again, the point is to be able to oxygenate your red blood cells until they acclimate to the lower oxygen levels. Portable oxygen canisters can help give you a quick, supercharged boost of oxygen to help ease that transition process.

5 Trendy and Budget-Friendly Trips for Spring 2019


With temperatures averaging between the 70’s and 80’s this time of spring and with very little rainfall, now is the perfect time to escape winter and book a trip to exotic Barbados. AirBnB is available, offering many rooms for under $99.

Discounted round trip airfare is easy to find online. Flights land at the Grantley Adams International Airport (BGI) in Bridgetown, Barbados. Taxis are everywhere in Bridgetown and visitors may negotiate the price. The favorable exchange rate has been permanently set at 2 Bajan dollars for 1 US dollar.


Savannah, Georgia

Being both a southern town and coastal town, spring starts earlier in Savannah than most other cities around the country. March and April temperatures hover in the 70’s and increased rainfall doesn’t start until June. Scrumptious southern style food is served up everywhere and visitors will not be able to sample it all.

Accommodations are reasonable as well, with AirBnB offering an abundance of affordable rooms. Lucky Savannah is another good source travelers can check for accommodations.


Mexico City, Mexico

Surprisingly, even though it is far south, Mexico City has spring temperatures in the 60’s due to its high elevation. Mexico City is both ancient and modern. Travelers may check the best airfares into MEX. AirBnB lists rooms this Spring in the amazing range of $30 to $50, and higher.  Uber is also available for added traveling convenience.


Lisbon, Portugal

Spring temperatures are a tad on the cool side in Lisbon, ranging from the upper 50’s to lower 60’s, so pack a coat. Travelers can shop airfare for their flights into LIS. Be sure to schedule time for The Chiado shopping area. It mixes old and modern where locals and visitors browse to purchase their treasures. Airbnb seems to be everywhere, and Lisbon is no exception. They list their accommodations as “Verified.”


Medellin, Colombia

Medellin is a modern city of two million residents surrounded by rugged and beautiful terrain. Temperatures in Medellin are about the same year-round; in the comfortable 70’s. The exchange rate is approximately 28,000 pesos for one American dollar. However, the US dollar is not accepted for payment in Medellin.

Accommodations are reasonably priced at AirBnB, and taxi drivers are abundant, or travelers may use Uber. Uber in Colombia competes in terms of quality of service and safety.

7 Tourist Mistakes to Avoid When Traveling

Traveling around the world as a tourist can be an adventure that most people desire. Tourists, however, often make various mistakes when traveling. Here are some of the most critical to avoid.

Carrying too much baggage

As a tourist, one should appropriately plan for their trip. When packing and preparing beforehand, some people may choose one too many items, which could exceed certain weight limits. Excessive baggage, in addition to being cumbersome to carry, costs more money on transit.

Changing money to local currencies

Tourists often forget to exchange their cash to local currencies upon arrival at the airport. This can cause many inconveniences should a tourist need to pay for anything immediately upon landing. Aside from airport-based purchases, having to exchange your cash for local currency can come with higher fees in banks or services around the city/country.

Failure to inform credit card companies

Credit card companies have put in place credit card safety measures where they will freeze transactions conducted on foreign grounds to assure your account’s security. Sometimes, tourists tend to forget informing their credit card companies of their international travels. This may cause a major inconvenience as the tourist may have his or her cards blocked for carrying out transactions in another country.

Assuming travel insurance

Tourists assume the importance of buying travel insurance, thereby ending up losing out on important issues. Some travel insurance companies offer covers on inconveniences relating to losses suffered in a foreign country, medical coverage, and other emergencies. Failure to make such travel insurance arrangements may prove burdensome both physically and financially.

Failure to check travel requirements

Sometimes, travelers forget to check the necessary requirements when visiting another country. Requirements such as visa confirmations and stamping of passports may prove costly in situations where persons become stranded in airports for failure to comply.

Planning a squeezed schedule

When planning an itinerary, mistakes occur when tourists plan too many events in one trip. This proves quite costly as travelers may end up being too tired or spend too much money while on vacation. It also makes tourists unable to enjoy their trips due to the stress of connecting flights, additional travel, and a seemingly never ending restlessness.

Failure to keep items safe

Tourists often lose an array of items such as money and other valuables as a result of failure to observe personal safety measures. Theft can occur in hotel premises, beaches, downtown areas, and more as well. Such theft can sometimes be extremely taxing seeing as personal identification documents and credit cards are often the first to get stolen.

In conclusion, when planning for your next trip, whether international or a few hours away, take the necessary safety precautions to avoid succumbing to the aforementioned tourist mistakes.

A Trip to the Netherlands

Seeing as the Netherlands is a small country that only takes roughly three hours to travel through by car, visitors are able to see its highlights in essentially one weekend. Even if you only have a day to spare, it’s well worth a visit.


The urban centers are known for their art collections and serene canals. Cozy cafes and charming townhouses with gables exist gracefully among innovative architecture that’s full of modern designs. Outside the city, you can find endless dune-backed beaches, colorful tulip fields, vast forests and charismatic windmills.


Highlights of this charming country include the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Stedelijk and the Anne Frank house. All of these cultural attractions are located in proximity of each other in Amsterdam. The Rijksmuseum is full of art dating back to the 17th century.

Van Gogh’s sunflower series and self-portraits are housed at the museum that bears his name. The Stedelijk is devoted to modern art while the Anne Frank house is known as the museum with a story. Since the latter is a popular destination, it’s recommended that you book tours 60 days in advance.

Main Cities

Besides the capital of Amsterdam, Den Haag, Zwolle and Rotterdam attract many visitors. Den Haag is also known as the city of the sea, and those outside the country often refer to it as the Hague. Take a boat through its canals, visit the Peace Palace or relax on the Scheveningen beach. The city is also home to Parkpop, the biggest free music festival in Europe.

Zwolle is known for its star-shaped moat, situated in the historic Gothic quarter. It is home to the Basilica of Our Lady, a tower that dates back to the 14th century. You can still climb its stairs for a fantastic view of the city’s landscape.

Rotterdam is full of architectural masterpieces. These include Piet Blom’s cube houses, the Erasmus Bridge and the Markthal. The latter is a uniquely designed indoor market hall. This horseshoe-shaped marvel houses fresh food stands, supermarkets, shops, restaurants and underground parking.


Since Dutch people love bicycling, you can find over 19,000 miles of dedicated cycle routes. You can rent a bike just about anywhere. If you want to explore the Netherlands on two wheels, try the themed Dutch Coastal Route or head to the Hoge Veluwe National Park.

Researching and Planning for Your Next Trip

Each year, you may be ready to take a trip that allows you to spend time in a beautiful destination and enjoy a slower pace of life. The quality of your trip can be directly determined by the amount of research that is performed ahead of time. If you want to plan a dream vacation that is enjoyable from beginning to end, you can follow a few steps that will prove to be effective.

Research Transportation

How you plan to get around in the destination that you visit will determine how much money that you spend and the number of attractions that you can you explore each day. You’ll need to research the multiple ways of getting around, which can include taxi, bus, or by renting a vehicle. When considering transportation, it’s also necessary to research if you can get direct flights and the cost of the tickets.

Consider Your Budget

Knowing your budget ahead of time will determine where you can afford to visit when you travel. Research the average price of visiting the top destinations on your list that you want to visit. Depending on where you travel, you can adjust the number of days that you spend in the area according to how much or how little money you wish to spend.

Ask Family Members and Friends

Make it a point to ask your family members and friends for advice on places that they enjoyed traveling to in the past to get a few ideas. Getting someone else’s opinion is necessary to determine if you’ll have fun on the trip or if it’s a dangerous place to explore.

Find the Right Place to Stay

Booking a hotel room ahead of time will allow you to lock in rates, making it necessary to research several months in advance. Find a place that is in proximity to areas that you want to visit to ensure that you don’t have to travel too far to get where you want to go. If you have children in tow, you may want to book a hotel that has a pool to enjoy or can provide a crib. Some hotels even offer childcare during the day, which can allow you to get out with your spouse during the trip.

The Best Tech Tools for Travel Enthusiasts

Whether it’s business, personal, or pleasure related, the vast majority of Americans are hopping on planes or trains and traveling. So, why not equip your suitcase or carry-on with some of the top tech tools that every frequent traveler loves.

One of the top tech travel necessities in 2018 is the use of noise canceling headphones and earphones. When switched on, these headphones create sound waves to cancel out ambient noise by over 70%. Companies like Bose, Sony, Audio-Technica, and Sennheiser have some of the top sellers in the market that range in price and size.

Once you’ve arrived at your location, you’ll need to get from place to place, and sometimes walking just isn’t an option. Ride sharing apps are available all over the world and can be accessed on any Android or Apple smartphone. In the United States, Uber and Lyft are the most popular choices to get from point A to point B, those ride sharing services aren’t available in all countries. While Uber is available in over 100 countries, most countries offer similar alternatives for taxis, private cars, and motorbike transportation. Before you travel overseas, make sure to do some research on what ride sharing app is popular at your future destination.

Another great travel accessory to throw into your carry-on or suitcase is a portable charger.  These devices are a lifesaver in any location where you can’t access an outlet or a usb port. They need to be charged ahead of time, and depending on the size you purchase, they can charge anything from a smartphone to a laptop.

It’s no secret that Amazon is going to be the place to purchase all of these top tech pieces for your next trip, so why not look into an E-reader while you’re shopping? These devices allow you to take any book or magazine on the go while digitally storing all of them on a cloud. E-readers are about 6.3” x 5.6”  and weigh no more than 9 ounces depending on the device. This eliminates the bulk of books and allows for more room in your bag for other necessities.

Finally, and last but not least, adapter plugs. These little gadgets are a lifesaver. If you’re traveling from the United States to anywhere else in the world, or vice versa, you know that power outlets are different in every country. Adapter plugs allow you to take whatever plug you need to plug in and adapt it to the outlets of the country you are in. They can be purchased pretty much anywhere, and can come with multiple plug adapter attachments to be used in a variety of different countries.

All of these devices make traveling long distance that much more enjoyable and hassle free. The next time you go on a business trip or family vacation, which one of these will be in your carry-on or suitcase?

Booking the Best Hotel For You

Reserving a top-quality hotel room no longer has to be a hard or anxiety-inducing experience for any traveler. Travelers need to concentrate on hotels that are optimal fits for their individual requirements and wishes. They need to steer clear of concentrating solely on hotels that are widely known or those receive a lot of customer-based hype. Fortunately, intelligent travelers can depend on a range of effective hotel room booking strategies nowadays.

Looking at Websites That Specialize in Travel

It can be helpful to meticulously assess any and all websites that specialize in travel matters. These sites give people invaluable details that pertain to hotel amenities and features. They provide them with practical pricing information, too. People who are looking to score hotel rooms that are the rare blend of desirable and economical can often get significant insight from the most trusted travel sites out there.

Paying Attention to Customer Reviews

Reviews are a major part of the internet in this day and age. Consumers turn to the power of reviews prior to purchasing household appliances of all kinds. They turn to the power of reviews before booking hotel rooms as well. People who want to select hotels that can accommodate their lifestyles well should pay close attention to reviews on the internet. A traveler who wishes to avoid hotel rooms that are dark and cramped may benefit from a review’s assistance. A traveler who is passionate about staying away from hotels that lack bright bathrooms may benefit from reviews, as well.

Finding Out About the Specifics

People should never assume that a hotel is nothing more than the sum of its bedrooms and guest amenities. That’s the reason that travelers who want to make informed decisions should find out about hotel location in advance. A hotel that seems too good to be true may have a “catch” of sorts. If a traveler comes across a hotel room that’s gorgeous but suspiciously cheap, that may mean that the building is located in a neighborhood or community that’s not exactly safe or convenient. Travelers always need to delve deeper.

Requesting Corner Guest Rooms

Guest rooms that are in corners of hotels tend to be a lot more spacious. Travelers who want extra space should try to request them.

24 Hours in Beantown: How to Spend a Day in Boston

For those driving through New England or residents of surrounding areas, you’ll know that Boston is often regarded as one of the best cities to visit while there. If you are limited on time however, spending just a day in the city is possible, and can be full of all the Boston basics. With the right amount of planning, the following activities can be done within the span of 24 hours.

The Freedom Trail

Especially scenic during earlier hours, walking the Freedom Trail throughout the city is just a 2.5-mile trek that takes you to 16 of Boston’s most historical sites. Some of these sites include the Boston Common, Paul Revere’s house, the Old South Meeting House, and the Bunker Hill Monument, just to name a few.

An average amount of time spent on this walk is roughly an hour and a half if you don’t stop to carefully study every site you come to, so keep in mind that you’ll save yourself the rest of the day by doing just that.


For your first meal and/or drink of the day, stop over at Boston’s famed bar Cheers; the pub where the aptly named television show Cheers was filmed. While it may be very popular and, at times, flooded with tourists, it is surely a spot to add to your list. Enjoy a great meal and experience this timeless pub like the cast of the original show.

Fenway Park

The baseball stadium home to the Boston Red Sox is one of the most well known in the country, and is also one of the oldest, first being built back in 1912. Undergoing major renovations in 1934, Fenway now offers daily tours year round (which last roughly 1 hour). If you happen to visit during baseball season, try buying tickets to a game that day if they aren’t already sold out, which is not uncommon.

Boston Tea Party

This museum is one of the most unique in Boston which encapsulates the events that took place on December 16th, 1773. Actors dressed in the attire of that time period greet you upon entry, then take you on a march through the harbor, where you are then invited to throw tea overboard. Guests can even board authentically restored tea ships, which house one of only two tea chests that are still in existence today.

Little Italy

While it may not be as large as New York City’s version, what better way to end your day than with an authentic Italian meal in Boston’s Little Italy? Located in the oldest residential community in the city (Boston’s North End), this neighborhood boasts more than 80 restaurants and bakeries. End your dinner with a traditional cannoli, tiramisu, or cappuccino to complete a day of bliss in Beantown.

Affordable Trips Around the World for Spring

Especially for those living in the Northeast of the United States, winter seems to have overstayed its welcome in 2018. If you are looking for warmer weather right now, or simply a getaway to break up the monotony of your daily schedule, there are a number of great destinations to consider this spring that won’t break the bank.


Exchange rate: 1 Argentine Peso = .049 US Dollars

During this time of year, Buenos Aires in particular becomes a truly scenic city with winding streets lined with trees, comfortable temperatures, and lush plant life found in the capital city’s famous botanical garden. Some flights from New York City start at nearly $800 round-trip, with other cities being a little more expensive. Considering the distance between the States and Argentina, these prices seem like a steal.

Dominican Republic

Exchange rate: 1 Dominican Peso = .020 US Dollars

One may immediately think of all-inclusive resorts when a trip to the Dominican Republic comes to mind, but Airbnb is prevalent in cities like Punta Cana, boasting a number of affordable, yet still luxurious lodging options. Many of these are located on or right next to the beach as well. Round-trip tickets for the DR average just around $200-$300, with transportation in the country being surprisingly inexpensive too.


Exchange rate: 1 Jamaican Dollar = .0079 US Dollars

No matter where in Jamaica you decide to go, the entire island is populated with warm, welcoming people happy to show you around. Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, and Negril are all beautiful coastal cities with huge varieties of things to do. A trip to Dunn’s River Falls in Ocho Rios (a famous waterfall Bob Marley used to frequently visit) is just $20 per person. Meals and drinks all around Jamaica are very low-cost as well.


Exchange rate: 1 Canadian Dollar = .77 US Dollars

Visiting just north of the U.S. this spring is actually cheaper than traveling within the country. Of the hundreds of beautiful cities Canada boasts, Quebec has some of the greatest attractions in the country, most of which not costing more than your average price. Hotels hear are relatively cheap, and while fine dining may not be, poutine runs for just $5 a plate in most restaurants. Sightseeing here is a great, free thing to take part in as well. Historic buildings and cathedrals can be found throughout, making Quebec not only a great place for an inexpensive vacation, but a hotspot for photography enthusiasts as well.

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