With the holidays just around the corner, the number of people flying to and from their desired destinations is sure to skyrocket. Larger crowds and more frequent flights are typically prepared for by airlines, but difficulties tend to arise regardless. Flight delays and cancellations are not too uncommon, so it’s best to ready yourself beforehand, especially with inclement weather forthcoming.

Planning for a flight delay or cancellation is not exactly ideal, and it can be hard to predict. But, it is better to be safe than sorry. Obviously, the more important the flight, the more careful you’ll want to be. Freebird is a revolutionary new app for travelers of all experience that allows you to book a new flight in the event of a cancellation or delay, without having to wait in line for a new ticket.

Many times, travelers are owed compensation when their flights are canceled, so understanding your rights and what you are entitled to is the next step in ensuring a smooth (if possible) cancellation. The U.S. Department of Transportation has a great library of resources for those unaware of their traveling rights. Refunds, acts of discrimination, lost baggage, and much more are all clearly outlined, allowing you to enter the airport with a plethora of knowledge.

Flight vouchers can be deceptively tempting, as they often come with a decent amount of limitations. The window of time in which they are valid is often very short and during inopportune dates of the year. Most are also non-refundable, so it is wise to weigh the odds. Would it be better to deny the voucher and wait for your delayed flight, or accept it and risk losing money or time?

Should accepting the cancellation be your only option, book a nearby hotel yourself as soon as possible. Many airlines offer to do this for you, but often cause long lines of waiting passengers, leaving you with little to no options in the surrounding lodgings. First class passengers and frequent fliers are often the demographic to be accommodated first, so taking care of this yourself is much safer than waiting.

If all else fails and waiting out your delayed flight is the only option, enjoy your time with every form of entertainment that that airport may offer. Have a meal or drinks at the nearest lounge. Or, if you’ve packed accordingly, get some work done that you may not have been able to access while on the plane. Bringing a laptop and charger is a perfect way to prepare for an extended period of waiting time.