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TripAdvisor’s Best Airlines in the World

The information provided on TripAdvisor can help every traveler plan their next vacation. Everyone already knows to check out the user reviews on local restaurants, hotels, and attractions before visiting a new city, but this website can also help travelers find the perfect airline for their needs. These are five of the best airlines in the world according to user reviews on TripAdvisor.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest is one of the few American-based airlines to earn high remarks from its reviewers. Southwest is the most popular airline in the United States despite only flying to 100 destinations. This is because it provides low-cost flights without sacrificing passenger comfort or service. It is also currently the only airline left in the United States that does not charge for checked baggage.


Emirates is an airline based out of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, as the name suggests. While the company is the largest airline in the Middle East, it still provides service to almost anywhere in the world. Emirates currently offers flights to 161 destinations in more than 80 countries. It is also one of the rare airlines that operates in six different continents. Emirates earns its great reviews based on its amazing first class service.


EVA Air is the smallest company on this list with a fleet of only 76 planes flying to 62 different destinations. The Taiwanese airline makes up for their lack of size by providing an amazing in-air experience. Their cozy seats offer amazing comfort without having to pay an additional rate. They also have an excellent catering service that offers restaurant-quality meals on long flights.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is another airline that services all six inhabited continents. The company earned its spot near the top of this list based on its amazing business class service. Every business class passenger gets their own cabin with a reclining bed and television. These travelers also get to enjoy free wine and champagne throughout the flight.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines earned high acclaim from the TripAdvisor reviewers for the second straight year. The Changi-based airline operates in 62 different cities in Asia, Europe, Australia and the United States. The main draw to Singapore Airlines is their premium service provided to every economy class passenger.

Curing High-Altitude Sickness While Traveling

Traveling in and of itself can cause or expose you to all kinds of health issues. The dry, recirculated air of most airlines can leave you seriously dehydrated or even exposed to any number of germs and viruses. Time zone changes can make it nearly impossible to get adequate sleep as well, which can, in turn, lower your immune system, making it harder to fight off all the additional germs and viruses you may be exposed to.high-altitude-sickness

Another complication that can hit you while traveling is altitude sickness. Many people don’t realize the dramatic impact that traveling at a high-altitude locale can have on your body and your health. Here are three ways to combat altitude sickness when traveling.

  1. Stay hydrated

Dehydration is one of the most critical issues for many travelers, but even more so for those traveling to a high altitude. It is important for your body to maintain a critical balance of fluids and electrolytes (salts). The thinner oxygen at higher altitudes can make it more difficult to do this. It is recommended that when traveling at a high altitude, you drink between 17 to 24 cups (four to six liters) of plain water per day until you become acclimated to the altitude.

  1. Iron supplements

Iron helps red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the entire body. Increasing the iron content in your blood can also help facilitate this process. This is not a quick fix, however, so a few weeks before your trip, you’ll want to start eating a diet high in iron in addition to taking iron mineral supplements. Remember, they are called supplements for a reason, so your primary source of iron should be from food that you can then back up with the iron supplements themselves.

  1. Portable oxygen canisters

At sea level, the air you breathe contains roughly 20.9% oxygen. In Aspen, CO, which is around 8,000 feet above sea level, the oxygen concentration drops to about 15.4% oxygen. The higher you climb, the lower the concentration of oxygen. You can supplement this with canisters of pure 95% concentration of oxygen. Once again, the point is to be able to oxygenate your red blood cells until they acclimate to the lower oxygen levels. Portable oxygen canisters can help give you a quick, supercharged boost of oxygen to help ease that transition process.

Air Travel Etiquette to Always Practice

Air travel has become a much less luxurious means of transportation since the mid 20th century, and many find it quite unpleasant today. More and more airlines are beginning to ditch the amenities that many people look forward to in order to save costs, but that does not mean that the flights are becoming cheaper or shorter. With that said, frustrations can begin to boil on a long, crowded flight, but it is always important to practice civility nonetheless. Here are a few basic etiquette rules to follow when flying.

Leave Room in the Overhead Bin

Just because an overhead bin is exactly that (right over your head) does not mean that it is for you and you alone. With the number of frequent flyers boarding planes today, they can get crowded, and thus need as much space as possible to accommodate their luggage. If you have more than one carry-on item, put the smaller bag at your feet to save overhead room.

Respect the Flight Attendants

This should go without saying, but many of the requests made by flight attendants upon taking off and landing may frustrate some flyers. For example, having to turn off electronics may inconvenience business travelers trying to get work done, but taking this out on the stewardesses is highly unprofessional. The only thing a commotion accomplishes is a delayed takeoff, aggravating all those around you.

Respect Other Flyers’ Space

Going off of the notion that flights are becoming more crowded, room is becoming more scarce. Be aware of the room that you are taking up, and if your seat reclines, do so respectfully. Warn the flyer behind you or ask if they’d be okay with you reclining beforehand. Similarly arm rests are known to be a source of confrontation with many travelers fighting over who has the right to which one. Again, be respectful. Use only one (depending on your seat location), and mind others’ personal space.

Control Your Children

A child on a plane is almost symbolic at this point. If you are flying with your kids, keep them under control. A loud child running about the cabin is just another source of stress for flyers trying to get through their flight. Talk to your children before boarding and explain the importance of being respectful, quiet, and polite. For passengers without children who may need to voice their opinions in the event of an out-of-control child, confront the parent with courtesy and ask them if they could take control.

Follow Standard Disembarking Procedures

This is perhaps the most frustrating part of flying. Many travelers are eager to get off the plane as quickly as possible, but there are standard disembarking procedures that must be followed. Rows are exited starting with the first, going back to the last. Cutting off anyone before your row is exiting will only delay the process, and frustrate flyers even more.

How to See the World with Money in Mind

Traveling the world is an expensive hobby. Many people typically reserve this activity for the one-to-two times per year that their budget allows it. However, avid adventurers often know how to adequately manage their spending in order to see as much as the world as they can without breaking the bank. Aside from scouring the web looking for the cheapest flights possible, there are a number of strategies you can implement to best maintain the money you have on hand.

When Planning…

Always pack enough to be prepared for wherever you are going, and how long you plan on staying. This includes clothing, toiletries, non-perishable foods, and anything you can pack that will prevent you from making frivolous purchases once you arrive.

Look into all-inclusive resorts or packages, so long as your chosen destination supplies them. Much of the features that come with a stay in these resorts are paid for with a relatively reasonable up-front fee.

When Flying…

Check airfares regularly. Prices are always fluctuating, so comparing them during down seasons or times in which tourism rates are lower in certain destinations can land you the cheapest tickets possible.

When traveling internationally, non-U.S. airlines tend to be cheaper when booked through regional discount sites like easyJet.com. Compared to major U.S. airlines, the prices you’ll find here can be astoundingly lower.

When Choosing Where to Stay…

Seek out options other than hotels, as they can be fairly expensive depending on the country you are staying in. Renting houses, condos, or utilizing the online traveling wizard known as Airbnb can help you find a residence that won’t run up your vacation’s total bill. In addition to saving a few hundred dollars, most two-bedroom apartments available to rent are often the same price, if not cheaper than one-bedroom hotel rooms.

Should you prefer the amenities of a hotel, opt for a smaller one. Large chains and brand-name hotels cater specifically to avid travelers, hiking their prices up to account for their regular customers. Independent businesses usually have flat rates that are much cheaper than their competitors.

When You Arrive…

First, research modes of transportation that cost you little to nothing. Many airports will provide you with train systems or busses directly to your place of stay, which can be significantly less expensive than taking a cab.

Check out your destination’s tourism website. Most countries offer deals for first-time visitors, or those traveling in groups. From museums, to parks, to local events, you can experience your location of choice like its local citizens, without spending much more.

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