The information provided on TripAdvisor can help every traveler plan their next vacation. Everyone already knows to check out the user reviews on local restaurants, hotels, and attractions before visiting a new city, but this website can also help travelers find the perfect airline for their needs. These are five of the best airlines in the world according to user reviews on TripAdvisor.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest is one of the few American-based airlines to earn high remarks from its reviewers. Southwest is the most popular airline in the United States despite only flying to 100 destinations. This is because it provides low-cost flights without sacrificing passenger comfort or service. It is also currently the only airline left in the United States that does not charge for checked baggage.


Emirates is an airline based out of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, as the name suggests. While the company is the largest airline in the Middle East, it still provides service to almost anywhere in the world. Emirates currently offers flights to 161 destinations in more than 80 countries. It is also one of the rare airlines that operates in six different continents. Emirates earns its great reviews based on its amazing first class service.


EVA Air is the smallest company on this list with a fleet of only 76 planes flying to 62 different destinations. The Taiwanese airline makes up for their lack of size by providing an amazing in-air experience. Their cozy seats offer amazing comfort without having to pay an additional rate. They also have an excellent catering service that offers restaurant-quality meals on long flights.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is another airline that services all six inhabited continents. The company earned its spot near the top of this list based on its amazing business class service. Every business class passenger gets their own cabin with a reclining bed and television. These travelers also get to enjoy free wine and champagne throughout the flight.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines earned high acclaim from the TripAdvisor reviewers for the second straight year. The Changi-based airline operates in 62 different cities in Asia, Europe, Australia and the United States. The main draw to Singapore Airlines is their premium service provided to every economy class passenger.